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5 Values

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We want to move you places.

Everything we do revolves around these 5 values.



This is our number one priority! We are proud to be transparent and honest as regard to everything we do: from the moment you start your search until you step in into your home. For most of our homes, we deliver inspection reports and always strive to ensure a high standard of quality.

Customer centric

Before you click on “Book now” till the end of your stay, we’re here to cover your back. You can count on our amazing customer service available every day. Send us a mail or just call us, we will always be happy to discuss with you in English, in Dutch or even in French !


We work with hundreds of international students and we believe that home is where life happens. We want to provide you more than a home but also access to an amazing community.

Do our best

In everything we do, we’ll strive to do our best. Our team is composed of┬áreally motivated people working hard to provide you the best possible service.


Real estate isn’t sexy, but we want to change that and impose ourselves as a fun brand. Come and have a coffee in our office, we will be happy to share our experiences with you !