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Why using Viaflats ?


We work with student organizations

Viaflats has good relations with student organizations thanks to several partnerships. Then we work with universities, associations and organizations that permit us to touch a huge number of students

Your properties are widely promoted

Thanks to the network we created you can be sure of the promotion of your properties. We use the social networks, some specialized websites and of course our partner universities to boost the bookings

Your property booked in a minute

Our platform is really simple to use. Students can visit the properties online thanks to photos and videos, then if they are interested they just book the property. You simply receive a notification and you are free to accept the booking or not !

One listing, several bookings

Students are often looking for a shared flat. If your property is an entire room, we try to encourage students to find flatmates before their booking. In one click, your property is rent as full as possible


Beautiful photos for free

Before the publication of your property, a professional photographer will come to take photos and videos of it. So that your property is truly advertised … for free !


Choose your tenant

Every student has to complete his profile before any booking. A good way for you to discover your future tenant and to choose the profile you really want


Your are never alone

We don’t believe that an online platform is a synonym of a lonely experience. Our amazing customer service is ready to help you in every step of the process


Continuous improvement is the key

Our team is always working on the development of our platform. New great features are going to be set up so that your user experience will be improved : development of a guarantee, possibility to compare your property to the rest of our database, improving of the properties management system … Your experience is our priority !

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