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Meet other Viaflats Residents

Imagine landing in Milan for your Erasmus. You get off the plane, take your luggages, get welcomed by your Viaflats local community manager and head to your new home.

But let’s face it, when you arrive to a new city it can sometimes feel a little bit overwhelming. What is the best place to eat? Where should you buy your groceries? Where do other new arrivants go out?

With Viaflats Assembly, we want to change that. On a regular basis, we organise events, be it sport events, interesting talks with speakers, cooking sessions, or simply attending amazing welcome parties, you name it.

We want to create a big family and want you to be part of it.

Here is a sneak peek at what we have prepared you :-)

Viaflats Parties

From themed nights to club nights, we try to organise regular memorable parties with our Viaflats residents.

Outdoor activities

We usually organise a city run in the park at the beginning of each year in order to discover the city in a fun way. In the summer we try to go swimming at a pond or eat together in the various parcs of our cities.

Welcome Gatherings

Let’s get to know each other! Every 3 months we organise a gathering for all our new residents so that we can be introduced to each other.

Viaflats Bus Trips

Twice a year, we organise a bus trip to a nearby city (we will visit Den Haag this year!) and stay the whole weekend there. The other time of the year, we organise a 5 days ski trip for our residents.

Sport activities

We have good deals with local gyms and usually organise Squash and various other sport events all year long.

Conferences, Pitches & Talks

Once a year we try to invite some great speakers to talk about any interesting subjects (politics, history, entrepreneurship, art, …) and we also give you some discounts to some interesting local conferences or events.

Viaflats for Geeks

There is no place like Unleash the geek that is in you! Our team loves spending our Sunday’s playing Project Reality, Call of Duty, Mario Kart, or learning how to code.

(This activity is for now only available in Maastricht at our headquarters)

Pub Crawls

This one has a huge success in Liège! Regularly, we organise nice pub crawls with our members.

Quizzes & Trivia Nights

Show us who’s the boss ! We organise cool trivia & quizzes nights where you can compete. If you beat our community manager, we offer you some Viaflats booking credits ;-)

Our upcoming events


Welcome Gathering #2 (1st of September 2016)

Let’s kickstart your Maastricht in style. Meet & greet other Viaflats residents and have an opportunity to meet the founders & team of Viaflats. How cool is that?! We will give you a little tour of our office and… show you our beer pantry of course.

Please do not forget to bring your Viaflats Passport (you have it in your welcome box or can print it in your emails) so that we can mark your first city achievement.

Quizz Night #1 @ Sint Annalaan 60 (9th of September 2016)

The opportunity to earn some Viaflats credits to book your next trips!! Yes, you have read it right. You can EARN Viaflats credit if you beat our local community manager at the quizzes!

Previous events

City Run Maastricht #1

What is better than discovering the hidden spots of your new city by taking a run around it?

Some stats:
Number of participants: 16
Number of km’s we ran: 8.5km
Number of animals spotted: 1 deer and 4 rabbits
Number of beers drank after the run: 34

It is not only about events, we are also constantly in touch with each other :-)

Viaflats is a big family! Whether you are heading for a trip to Rotterdam, Liège or have the itch to move somewhere a little bit further, check out our Slack channel! Another Viaflats resident can probably help you out :-)

Our #Slack communication centre.

Ready to join the ride?