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Top 6 questions asked

How can I book an accommodation?

Create an account, then select the accomodation you would like to book. After, select the booking dates and click on “Book now”.

How does the payment work?

When your booking is accepted by the housing provider, you can complete the payment online by credit card or PayPal.

Is it secure to book a home?

Yes. All homes and housing providers are verified by Viaflats. All payments are also made by PayPal and Stripe which are secure companies.

Do you verify the properties advertised?

Yes. We verify all accomodation advertised in person. We also meet with eah housing provider before allowing them to list on our platform.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

In most instances, landlords require a one or two months deposit.

Do I have to pay you a service fee?

We currently charge a €250,- one-time reservation fee that you pay only when your booking is accepted. However, you can ask for a discount if you stay for less than 3 months in a property. In addition, we can give you a discount in certain condition (see below) or if you send a big bag of sweets to our office :-)

Booking process

How long does it take for my booking to be accepted?

The housing provider must accept your booking request within 24 hours.
Some housing providers accept the booking requests within a couple of hours but some also take longer. If you are in a hurry, you can contact our support so
that we will contact the housing provider on your behalf.

What happens after my booking is accepted by the housing provider?

It means you have been accepted for the home. When you are accepted,
you have to complete your booking by going to “My reservations”. There, you can pay the invoice. At this stage, your booking is finalised!

When do I sign the contract and make the payments?

The housing provider will then contact you (via email or on Viaflats) to send you the contract and arrange the necessary payments with you.

To whom do I have to pay the rent and deposit?

The payment of the deposit and the rent has to be paid to the housing provider.

I want to rent for just a couple of months but the property has a minimum stay of 12 Months, what can I do ?

Some landlords allow you to subrent your room, please contact the housing provider to get more informations about it.

Security & Safety

How do you ensure that properties advertised are real?

Viaflats verifies each listing on our site. We verify listings in three steps:
a) We make sure the property exists (we check the address and check if the property is registered to the owner name with the local authorities)
b) We personally visit each of the properties advertised. We meet with the owner and explain how Viaflats work. We also make owner sign the “Viaflats Pledge” where they agree they must follow certain rules and observe a good conduct towards their tenants.
c) We take photos, videos, and write a “12-points inspection report” on the quality of each property.

What is the Viaflats Pledge?

Before posting a property on our website, housing providers must sign a long pledge (and we keep a copy of it), where they agree on observing at all times a friendly behaviour towards their tenants, make sure to deliver a check in and check out report (for the protection of your deposit), reply timely to your request, and observe necessary repairs (landlords side).

Are all the neighbourhoods safe?

In our “12-points inspection report” we make sure to check the neighbourhoods before advertising the property. This means we check if the neighbourhood has light at night, if other students are living in the same street, how well it is connected to public transportation, what kind of shops are located in the same street, and so on.

Can I lock my own room?

Yes you can lock your own room.

Can I be sure to get my deposit back?

Landlords usually ask a 1 month, 2 month or sometimes 3 months deposit (we do not allow higher deposits on Viaflats). When listing to Viaflats, housing providers must also sign the “Viaflats Pledge” where they acknowledge they will provide a full and comprehensive check in and check out report. This ensure the state of the property at your arrival, and at the last day of your lease. Of course, as a tenant, you have to make sure you respect the property.

What is Viaflats?

Viaflats is a housing platform that lists properties and matches tenants with housing providers. We do not own the properties but we make sure to check all properties advertised for your security.

Who is behind Viaflats?

Viaflats is ran by former students from Maastricht University. You can find more about our team here.

Where is the office of Viaflats? Can I visit you?

Yes, you can visit us! We are located at Sint Annalaan 60, 6217KC, Maastricht. Come to our office for a cup of coffee :-)

Do you hire?

Yes, we hire! We are constantly looking for new talents to join us (be it as a student job, intern, or full-time position). You can learn more about our opportunities here.


Is the accomodation furnished?

We strive to always provide fully furnished accomodation. However, in some cases the room or apartment might be unfurnished. If this is the case, we can help you to buy or lease furnitures.

Is there Internet and Wifi included in all accomodation?

Most of our accomodation have Internet (and it is always Wifi) included.

Can I share a room with my friend?

Check the number of guests in the accomodation page or you can ask our support team if you are not sure.

Help & Support

What is your phone number?

You can contact us at anytime here: +31 85 208 4834

From when to when are you available on the chat?

We are connected on the chat from 8.30am to 10pm. 7 days a week.

In any case (if we are not present on the chat) you can always leave us a message on it or send us an email!